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Application for Celsius Homecare Cover

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    Standard Celsius Homecare cover (£10 monthly) includes the service of one appliance*, plus a safety inspection of up to two additional appliances (ie a gas fire or gas cooker).

    Please provide details of your appliances for servicing, and/or safety inspection in the table below.

    Appliance One

    Appliance Two

    Appliance Three

    *Hot water cylinders connected to Regular, or System boilers are not covered under the standard boiler maintenance, but can be covered at an additional cost of £3.75 per month. Baxi back boilers are classed as two appliances.

    If you have more than three appliances and would like to include them under the cover for servicing and/or inspection, the costs are as follows: £3.75 per appliance per month for servicing, £2.00 per appliance per month for inspection. If you choose the additional cover, please note these details in the table above, and adjust your cheque payment/standing order mandate accordingly. These additional services and safety inspections should be carried out on the same day as your scheduled Homecare visit.


    Cheque: ( £60 for 6 months, £120 for 12 months, for standard Home Care cover). Please make cheques payable to Celsius Homecare LLP, and forward with your application to 38 Harling Drive, Troon, Ayrshire, KA10 6NG. Note: If customers choose to have their Homecare service at the commencement of their Plan, and then leave the Plan before 6 months is up, there may be a requirement to pay the balance of the cost for a standard service.

    Standing Order: Please Complete mandate and present to your own bank.

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